Why it’s important to trust your lawyer

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I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing (and trusting) your attorney.  You do not necessarily have to like him or her.  It does not have to be someone who you would normally associate with.  You don’t have to want to go to coffee or out to dinner with your attorney.  But you do need to have faith in him or her.  If that is lacking, then find a new attorney.

Here is why I can’t stress that enough:

Yesterday I was in court on behalf of a misdemeanor client.  I was talking to the DA about resolving the case in a way that was even better than what my client had hoped for.  While talking to this DA, another attorney walks in.  The DA stops my conversation to inform the defense attorney that he had missed a court date for a client the previous day, and that the judge had issued the warrant.  The attorney’s response was no more than a shoulder shrug followed by an “oh yeah?”  He didn’t even ask which client, which judge, or which case.  He couldn’t have cared less. I can only imagine what will happen down the road where that warrant can come to haunt that man’s client.  I doubt the attorney will throw himself under the bus and explain that the client wasn’t to fault, but it was his own failure.

You need someone you can rely on.  Someone who has your back.  You do not want to risk your credibility and outcome on a lawyer who couldn’t care less about you.

I not only care about my clients, but they are my top priority.  I give out my cell phone number to clients so they have constant contact with me.  Something crosses your mind about the case on a Sunday afternoon, then call me.  You have a realization on Tuesday at 9pm, then call me.  It’s 6am on the morning of your court date and you’re scared, then call me.  It’s my job to make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible during this whole process.

I do not care whether people like me.  I don’t care if my clients wouldn’t hang out with me in different circumstances.  What I do care about is that 100% of my clients know that I have their back and know that they are in good hands.

Call me today if you want to know more about my personalized approach to your criminal defense.  I will never have mistakes that could cost you the outcome of your case!