Veteran’s Court

Veteran’s Court is a very exciting new area of law.  There is a push in many courthouses to treat active duty and veteran military personnel with more respect and compassion.  Those veterans who have seen combat duty are eligible for certain programs in the criminal justice system.  Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Los Angeles County all have this specialized program designed specifically to help US military veterans.

Veteran’s Court- Felony Cases

The Veteran’s Court is for non-violent felony cases which, after completion of the program, leads to a dismissal of the case.

Beyond the benefit of the dismissal, veteran’s are able to get support from the other veterans who go through the program.  It becomes a brotherhood and sisterhood for our military veterans.  There is also support of the judge, the attorneys, probation and the VA.  The group meets on a set schedule to congratulate and encourage each other, lending support through the entire program.

Veteran’s Court- Misdemeanor Cases

The Veteran’s Court program (the official program) is not currently set up to assist with misdemeanor cases.  However, there are still many variations which Stephanie M. Arrache has been able to successfully use for her military clients.  Judicial diversion is an often overlooked program which many attorneys forget about.  It is shorter than the felony Veteran’s Court counterpart, and more informal.  Much of it is handled by Stephanie Arrache and the active duty or veteran client, and there is not the same group setting.  However, it is just as effective and also leads to the dismissal of the case.

Veteran’s Court- More Information

If you or a loved one are a Veteran with an active criminal case in Riverside, San Bernardino or Los Angeles County, contact The Law Office of Stephanie M. Arrache today!  Helping active duty and retired veterans is a passion of ours!  Stephanie Arrache can help fight for your rights and help protect your freedoms, when you have done so much to protect ours!