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There is that terrible feeling in your stomach when you have been driving down the road and see those flashing red and blue lights behind you.  The cop pulls you over and ask if you know how fast you were going.  Then he or she hands over the dreaded traffic ticket.  You then start picturing raising insurance rates due to traffic ticket points.  You picture going to court on the date and time listed on the traffic ticket and the judge throwing the book at you.  Is it even worth fighting a traffic ticket?


Fighting a traffic ticket

People always wonder if it is worth the hassle of fighting a traffic ticket in Banning.  They often think that because they were given a traffic ticket, that all hope is lost and they’re forced to deal with the consequences.  However, Banning traffic ticket cases are something that an experienced attorney can handle on your behalf.  There are many ways to fight traffic tickets which can lead to better results and less action against your license and often times dismissal.

You need an experienced traffic ticket attorney who can go to court and fight for your rights!

Traffic ticket: Out of State License

Many drivers who receive traffic tickets in Banning, California are from another state.  People travel here for business or vacation and receive traffic tickets because they are unfamiliar with our roadways.  The DMV in California can and does communicate with DMVs in other states.  This means that if there is an action against your license taken by a California law enforcement agency, it will be reported to your state DMV and action can be taken there.  For example, while a traffic ticket for speeding in a construction zone in Banning, California can be bad, in Illinois it can result in a 2 month license suspension.

It is important that you hire an experienced and capable attorney to handle your traffic ticket in Banning, California.  You need to trust that your attorney will handle the traffic ticket matter on your behalf while you are in another state.  You need Stephanie M. Arrache!

Local Traffic Ticket Attorneys

If you are pulled over and cited to appear in Banning, then you need a local traffic ticket attorney on your side.  Do not be fooled by lawyers from out of town with big promises.  Often times, these attorneys will hire local appearance attorneys to go to court for your traffic ticket rather than go themselves.  You need to hire a local attorney who is experienced in both traffic tickets and the local courts.  You need to hire Banning traffic ticket attorney Stephanie M. Arrache!

Common Traffic Tickets

*Speeding 25mph over the limit
*Speeding over 100mph
*Speeding in a construction zone
*Cellular phone use
*Running a red light or stop sign
*Unsafe lane change
*Following too closely
*Passing in a no passing zone
*Not stopping for pedestrians

Click here for a link to the California DMV website to see the possible points for the particular citation you were issued

Information to Give a Traffic Ticket Attorney

When hiring a traffic ticket attorney in Banning, California, you should be prepared to give the following information so they can better handle your case:

*Specifics of your driving at the time (where, when, road and weather conditions if applicable, etc.)
*Citation Number
*Citing agency (CHP, local sheriff, etc.)
*Prior citations
*Traffic school within the past 18 months
*Type of license (Class C, Commercial, etc.)
*Ultimate goal

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