Criminal Defense: Throwing a missile in San Bernardino County

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San Bernardino County Throwing of Missiles


Missile as defined in San Bernardino

In San Bernardino, it is illegal for any person to throw a missile at a moving vehicle.  For the purpose of this section, the ordinance defines missile as any missile, object or projectile, including but not limited to, a snowball or ice.  The ordinance applies to any location within San Bernardino County, and applies to any person who throws a missile at a moving vehicle, regardless of whether it hits the vehicle, misses or lands inside the vehicle.  It applies to any moving vehicle occupied by one or more person.

Penalty for throwing a missile in San Bernardino

San Bernardino takes the throwing of missiles at a vehicle very seriously.  It is charged as a misdemeanor, and carries a sentence of up to six (6) months in jail and a fine of up to $500.  Both can be applied.  The fact that this is charged as a misdemeanor means that San Bernardino takes this activity very seriously.

Handle a charge of throwing a missile in San Bernardino aggressively

Contact the Law Office of Stephanie Arrache, a Palm Springs criminal defense firm, if you have been charged with throwing a missile in San Bernardino.  These actions are most often pranks with no harm meant.  However, there are serious consequences that follow this prank, and can put a misdemeanor on your record.  This charge can be won, dismissed or even pled down to an infraction if handled aggressively by the right attorney.

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