Indio jail construction

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If you have a loved one in Indio jail, then no doubt you have noticed the immense construction going on there.  The county is in the midst of constructing a much newer, bigger and supposedly better facility, set to be done by December 2017. The new Indio jail will be able to house 1600 inmates […]

Gang Defense

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Throughout Southern California, the various prosecuting authorities tend to overcharge criminal defendants; specifically, if you have certain last names or live in certain areas, gang charges are likely to attach to your case.  The District Attorney attempts to charge as many people as they can with gang enhancements or with outright gang allegations. Gang cases […]

Scare Cab

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Safe driving can be fun this Halloween season, thanks to “Scare Cab”, 5 Yellow Cabs of the Desert decorated in true Halloween spirit.  The Scare Cabs are decorated inside and out in fun and haunting fashion.  And the drivers even dress in costumes on the weekends!  According to Yellow Cab’s press release, fun music is […]