Super Bowl Sunday DUI Saturation Patrols

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This weekend is the Super Bowl XLVII, taking place in New Orleans at the Superdome.  Baltimore Ravens versus San Francisco 49ers.  Over 100 million people will be tuning in.  The Super Bowl is arguably the most heavily watched sporting event of the American year.  People gather together at bars and parties to watch the big game.  Thus, drinking is increased during the event.  Cops know this.  Prosecutors know this.  And because of this, California police agencies are increasing their DUI saturation patrols.  This means that more cops will be on the street this weekend looking to make DUI arrests.

To get pulled over for a DUI, a cop needs only to have a reasonable suspicion that a violation is occurring.  That brake light you’ve been meaning to fix?  Reasonable suspicion.  That lane change in the middle of an intersection?  Reasonable suspicion.  Going 70 in a 65?  Reasonable suspicion.  There are thousands of potential vehicle code violations which cops are trained to know.  And trained to look for.

Los Angeles Police Department have announced increased saturation patrols.  Riverside County Sheriff’s Department have announced increased DUI patrols.  Palm Desert PD have announced increased patrols.  San Bernardino Sheriff’s have announced more DUI checks.  California Highway Patrol (CHP) will be increasing their lookout for suspected drunk drivers.

The best choice is to have a designated driver or take a cab.  The $30 cab ride is way better than a DUI conviction, suspended license, court fines and alcohol classes.  And it’s better than the possibility of killing yourself or someone else.

We at the Law Office of Stephanie M. Arrache would always rather have people be safe than get another client.