Summertime in the LBC

Arrested at Summertime in the LBC?

Don’t be one people who will be arrested at Summertime in the LBC this year.  But if you are, do not lose hope: Criminal Defense Attorney Stephanie M. Arrache has successfully helped hundreds of festival goers who were arrested at all the major music festivals in Southern California.  She saved their futures and she can save yours too!

Long Beach is getting ready to host their own outdoor festival called Summertime in The LBC.  August 5 brings an awesome combination of 50 Cent & G-Unit, YG and Wu-Tang Clan as headliners.  Rounding out the lineup are artists such as the iconic George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony and Tha Dogg Pound.

Don’t get arrested at Summertime in the LBC

Summertime in the LBC will be on the radar of law enforcement. Every year I get calls from at least a hundred people who get arrested at music festival.  And many of the people who were arrested music festivals have never been in trouble before.  Most the people who get arrested at music festivals are young people with bright futures.  Their whole future is in jeopardy because they got arrested at a festival.  Don’t be one of the people who will get arrested at Summertime in the LBC

The point of this all is to say that there are attorneys who can relate to you and the festival.  This in turn can help you defend your case in the event that you are arrested at Summertime in the LBC.  The following is information to help you keep from getting arrested.

*If you drink, take a cab, uber or have a designated driver

*Be on the lookout for cops (and know that you most likely will not be able to spot an undercover)

*Do NOT sell drugs.  Don’t look like you’re selling drugs.  Don’t have enough drugs on you where the cops can think you were selling drugs.

*Don’t get into fights.

*Just enjoy the music and follow those simple rules, and you hopefully won’t find yourself arrested at Summertime in the LBC.

Some pertinent information for Summertime in the LBC:

*The festival is open to all ages

*Small purses and backpacks are allowed (no bigger than 12 x 12)

*Nonprofessional cameras are allowed (cameras with non-detachable lenses)

*Earplugs are allowed

*Factory Sealed Vape Juice is allowed

*Sealed, unopened hand sanitizing wipes are allowed


The following is NOT allowed:

*No re-entry (no in-and-outs)

*No moshing, crowd surfing or diving into the crowd

*No chairs, tents, blankets or umbrellas

*No drugs or drug paraphernalia

*No markers, pens or spray paint

For a complete list, please click here.


Every year, local law enforcement agencies partner with other state and federal agencies to make arrests.  These arrests at festivals like Summertime in the LBC arise from both undercover operations, plain clothes officers and uniformed officers.  Click on the following links to discover some of the more common arrests:

*Minor in Possession of alcohol

*Minor in Possession of a fake ID

*Drug possession

*Drug sales

*Domestic Violence


*DUI under 21


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