DUIWhat is SR-22?

SR-22 is the insurance form that one is required to get if they lose a hearing at the DMV due to a DUI. “SR” means “safety responsibility” and is a form showing that you have a policy.  It is not an actual policy.  It is required to cover any cars that you may drive.  If you drive but do not own a car, you need a Non-Owner SR-22.  The form is a requirement of the DMV and not the court.  It is important to remember that the proceedings for the DMV and the court are separate.

SR-22 forms are required for 3 years after you lose an administrative hearing through the DMV.  You are required to get a policy and file the SR-22 to reinstate your license after the initial suspension.  The policies can be expensive, so it is important that you shop around.  Some people find it more cost effective to go to a company other than their insurance to make sure they get the best price.

Other Instances for SR-22

*Wet Reckless

*Involvement in an Accident While Being Uninsured

*Being Deemed a Negligent Operator



Other Insurance Consequences in addition to SR-22

*Loss of Good Driver Discount- Many insurance policies offer good driver discounts.  These are discounted policies for people who have good driving records.  When one gets a DUI, most insurance companies take away the good driver discount.  What’s worse is that you could lose it for up to 10 years.  A DUI conviction stays on your record for 10 years.

*Employer Pull Notice- Employers who enroll in the DMV’s Employer Pull Notice (EPN) will be automatically notified of their employees DUI arrest.  This may affect their insurance, which could lead to loss of a job.  This usually applies to professional drivers or people who have driving as a requirement of their job.  (Note: if you’re a commercial driver, you could lose your license for a year)

*Moving States- If you have a SR-22 on file in California, but you move to another state, you will need to get a SR-22 in that state.  At this point in time, there is no cross-state filing of the SR-22.  Some states do not require SR-22 forms to be on file.  You should check with the state where you are moving.

For more information from the DMV, click here.

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