Sentencing leniency for vets with PTSD

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On Monday, April 7, 2014, a bill passed through the California Assembly which would allow judges to consider PTSD when sentencing military veterans.  The bill was brought to the state Legislature by Marc Levine of San Rafael after statistics show that one in five soldiers return from a war zone with PTSD.  It a very real and very serious affliction which needs to be addressed.  People who suffer from PTSD are more likely to commit crimes.  And many who suffer from PTSD are not able to receive the treatment they need.  Sentencing considerations could help get a person much needed treatment, and keep them from wasting away in jails and prisons.

This new bill, AB2098, which passed through the Assembly on a 70-1 vote, would call for judges to consider mental health treatment for veterans with PTSD.  The judges would order treatment for the veteran.  This treatment could address and help with the underlying PTSD.

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