Scare Cab

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Safe driving can be fun this Halloween season, thanks to “Scare Cab”, 5 Yellow Cabs of the Desert decorated in true Halloween spirit.  The Scare Cabs are decorated inside and out in fun and haunting fashion.  And the drivers even dress in costumes on the weekends!  According to Yellow Cab’s press release, fun music is played in the Scare Cab and candy is given to riders.  You cannot reserve the Scare Cab, but must catch it as it’s driving around.  The twitter page for Yellow Cab of the Desert gives you clues to the movements of the cab.  I saw one yesterday (10/18/14) on Gerald Ford in Rancho Mirage around 4:30pm.

With Halloween landing on a Friday this year, we urge party goers to behave responsibly.  Take a cab or have a designated driver when you go to Halloween parties.  It is not worth the chance of getting arrested for DUI, or worse, killing yourself or someone else!

If you or a loved one do have the unfortunate experience of getting arrested for DUI, call the Law Office of Stephanie M. Arrache for a free consultation!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!