Prison Entrepreneur Program

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Prison Entrepreneur Program (PEP)

The Texas prison system has a program for inmates- Prison Entrepreneur Program (PEP).  The prison system realized that putting people in jail and letting them sit out their sentence did nothing to motivate or encourage them to make something of themselves upon release.  The inmates would get released and have no training or skills, and were more susceptible to falling back into the same routine.  As an answer to this, they created PEP.

Prison Entrepreneur Program (PEP) statistics:

The following are some informational bullets and statistics on PEP.

  • 800 men have graduated in 8 years.
  • All have found work within 90 days of release
  • Some have gone on to start own business
  • Most were not even high school graduates when they went to prison
  • There is only a 10% recidivism rate amongst PEP graduates

What makes the Prison Entrepreneur Program (PEP) successful

Not only is it an educational based system, PEP teaches life-skills such as decision making, philosophical choices, how to treat women, etc.  The program not only teaches inmates how to succeed once they are back in society, but it reunites families, and turns men into productive citizens.

Executive members from high ranking businesses and corporations participate in this program as mentors.

The program is 100% privately funded through donations by private persons, business and corporations.  So many people believe in this program that PEP doesn’t need public funds.

Re-entry to society includes housing, support groups, family reunification, professional clothing and so much more.  The program believes that if you can give a man solid foundation, he can build a stable and suitable life upon it.  They also have a job placement program which helps get PEP graduates into good jobs with livable wages.

With such a great program and great results, it should be a matter of time before other states begin incorporating their own.

To read more on PEP, click here.


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