Palm Springs White Party

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Palm Springs is known to be very “gay-friendly”.  It is a desert oasis where people come to play in the sun.  Every year, it is host to one of the largest gay dance parties in the nation: The White Party.  Thousands upon thousands of gay men flock to our streets to spend the weekend dancing, drinking and flirting.  And they all wear white.  Hence the name.  While the party aims at being a weekend full of fun, we encourage the participants to act responsibly.  And to know that cops are on the lookout for opportunities to make arrests.  Cops use many different tactics to achieve high numbers of arrests.  They’re usually on the lookout for drug and alcohol related offenses (especially drug sales) as well as solicitation and public indecency offenses.  They aren’t as fond of this major dance party as are the local businesses and residents.  If they think they have the probable cause they’ll arrest you and let you fight it out in court in Indio.  Just be wise when enjoying the party and don’t be forced to defend yourself out in Indio.

If you or a loved one were arrested at the White Party and are now facing criminal charges in Indio, call the Law Office of Stephanie M. Arrache today!  You need someone who understands you and your case and will fight it out for you!  And with a case stemming from a local event, you definitely want a local attorney.  Even if we can’t help, we’ll find you someone who can.