Palm Springs Splash house

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Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley are quickly becoming a haven for music festivals and music lovers alike.  The newest festival to land in our valley is Palm Springs Splash House: a two day festival taking place in three different hotels (The Saguaro, Caliente Tropics, and The Curve) in Palm Springs featuring thirty different DJs from around the world.

Palm Springs Splash House is a new concept which combines amazing DJs and a giant pool party atmosphere.  Each hotel has a different vibe which lends to three different party feels.  Festival goers can enjoy the sun and music in and around the pool.  Each hotel participating in Splash house features a different lineup.  The benefit to an event such as this, as opposed to the more traditional Coachella Fest, is that you get to enjoy the party while escaping the heat and brutal sun in the pool.

One of the pros for the Palm Springs Splash house festival is that having it at hotels allows festival goers to stay safely in the hotel, cutting down the need for traveling.  The three hotels are relatively near each other.  While walking between may not be ideal, it is a quick, easy and cheap cab ride.  No need to drive and chance any DUI arrests.  Police will be on the lookout for any possible arrests.  Their favorite arrests at music festivals are minors in possession or fake ID.  These easy arrests can sometimes lead to bigger problems: drug possession, etc.  Be aware and be safe.

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