“Oh Crap App”

Posted on Posted in Constitutional rights, DUI

There is a new app for smartphones which is designed to help you protect your rights if you are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI).  This new app is called the “Oh Crap App” and was designed by a law firm in Iowa with an aim to help protect the rights of people pulled over by the cops.

If someone sees the red and blue lights flashing behind them, they can quickly click on the “Oh Crap App” to see their rights and what they should or should not do when approached by the cops.  It also links to your phone’s voice recorder so you can record the entire interaction with the police.  The recording is sent to a secure server where it is stored for later retrieval.  This recording could be very helpful to your legal case if you are in fact arrested.  (Note:  If you are arrested, do make sure to inform your lawyer that you used this “Oh Crap App” and that the recording exists!)  Some police agencies employ audio and/or visual recordings, which do come in handy for your criminal case.

The “Oh Crap App” does have some downfalls, which should be carefully thought about:

1)      If you grab your phone and are using the “Oh Crap App”, a cop may not know it is a phone.  Cops are trained to look for sudden movements and can interpret them to mean the person is arming him or herself.  This could be very dangerous.

2)      If a person is actually intoxicated, they may not be able to use the app correctly.

3)      This app will not necessarily keep you from getting arrested.  If merely will help you know your rights and what you can or cannot do during an encounter with the police.

4)      The app was made in Iowa and may not have law that is applicable to people in California.

While the “Oh Crap App” is clever and could be handy, it is always better to know your rights ahead of time.  And of course, it is always better to take a cab or have a designated driver.