‘Not Guilty’ Verdict Reached in Misdemeanor Battery Trial

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We are pleased to announce a ‘not guilty’ verdict we received on Friday, March 15, 2013 in San Bernardino Central court.  The trial was a misdemeanor battery charge alleging that our client, a Major in the United States Army, had beat up a man in a Bank of America parking lot.  The alleged altercation occurred in Rancho Cucamonga.

The client came to our firm after being disappointed with his previous counsel.  He had responded to an ad which was sent to his house after his arrest.  (This is commonly referred to as “jail mail” and, as mentioned in previous posts here, a terrible idea!  Commonly these attorneys just want a high volume of clients and do not provide the one-on-one attention that your case requires!  Cheap representation does not equal good representation!)  His prior attorney wanted him to take a deal.  They basically waited until he was paid in full to their firm and then tried to plead him out.  That’s not how we do things here at my office!

Once retained, we went into full on preparation mode.  This man required a trial to preserve his good name.  We brought on my best investigator and started planning our defense.  The client was located on the East Coast, which required numerous teleconferences, email updates and his complete trust in me.  And I’m glad to announce we did not let him down.

Using a self-defense plan, we were able to convince a juror of 12 peers what we knew to be true: my client was innocent!  He was forced to act to defend himself.  After 18 months of frustration, my client was finally vindicated!  His career was saved.  And best yet, he had the satisfaction of knowing that he was shown to have acted lawfully.  He never doubted himself.  And we never doubted him.  In the end, we came out the champs.  And he was so happy, he treated my investigator and myself to breakfast.

After taking a few minutes to celebrate this victory, it’s on to the next win.