New Years Eve DUI and gun use crackdown

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This year, California is cracking down on New Years Eve celebrations.  There is a joint task force crack down on drunk drivers.  They are deploying saturation patrols to look for drunk drivers.  There will be more obvious DUI checkpoints.  You will see more cops on foot in crowded areas.  You will not see undercover agents who are looking to arrest people for drug crimes.

This year they are also cracking down on gun use.  In the wake of the recent tragedies in Colorado, Wisconsin and Connecticut, police are trying to be more aware of gun use and take them away from people.  Riverside county especially is looking for those who shoot guns into the air in celebration.  A person who does that will be arrested for negligent discharge of a firearm, which is a felony.  This charge is extremely serious.  It does not matter if the gun is legally registered and owned.  If you shoot into the air, you face getting arrested.  The reason is that the bullet that goes up must come down.  And people can get seriously hurt and/or killed by that bullet.

Please be responsible this New Years Eve with both your drinking and your use of firearms.