Larson Justice Center Jaywalking Crackdown

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There is a jaywalking crackdown in the city of Indio, CA at the Larson Justice Center.  The crackdown began this week after officials shut down a parking lot to construct a multilevel structure.  The entire court and public service building facility is undergoing a major renovation: a new county building to house the Law Office of the Public Defender, District Attorney’s Office and other public departments.  The Jail is also undergoing a major revamp to add hundreds of beds to a bigger facility.

Because of this, parking is much more difficult at the courthouse.  People are fighting for parking spaces in other lots, on streets, where ever they can find it.  This usually means that people are then running late for appointments in the court.  This then leads to people jaywalking: crossing the street at places other than intersections.  Cops are cracking down on jaywalking which are violations of California Vehicle Code section 21955.  The jaywalking ticket carries with it a hefty fine: often between $190- $255.

Make sure that if you or a loved one are at the Larson Justice Center, you do not engage in jaywalking and cross the street at crosswalks.