Kanye West Coachella Easter Service

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2019 is bringing something incredibly special to weekend 2 of Coachella: a special Kanye West Coachella Easter Service! That’s right, weekend 2 falls on Easter weekend. And the prodigal rapper has decided to create the event to bring a little spirituality to the event. The service will begin at 9am with musical performances beginning at 11am. The day will feature sermons and gospel music. A little religion during the chaotic fun that is Coachella.

Every year, local churches see an influx of young concert goers who want to stay true to their religion while also having fun at the festival. This year they will have the option to stay within the Coachella atmosphere while worshipping.

Some helpful hints if you’re planning on attending the service:

*Do not drive from the Coachella 2019 festival grounds to the service if you are intoxicated. This means if you partied all night, have a designated driver. Even if you stopped at 5am, better play it safe than sorry. Police will be patrolling.

*Do not park in places not designated for the event. You don’t want to get towed.

*Do not take any drugs to the event. Undercover cops will be present at the service.

And as always, if you or a loved one get arrested at the Easter service, or at Coachella in general, call Stephanie M. Arrache. I am always on call, even on weekends and holidays. Don’t let a bad decision ruin your weekend fun. Just like Kanye West’s Coachella Easter Service can help you atone for your sins, I can help you atone for your citation or arrest. I can fight to keep your record clean or to keep you out of jail like the famous rapper is fighting to save your immortal soul.

The main point is: have fun, be responsible, and open your eyes to tolerance, respect and those around you.