Indio jail construction

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If you have a loved one in Indio jail, then no doubt you have noticed the immense construction going on there.  The county is in the midst of constructing a much newer, bigger and supposedly better facility, set to be done by December 2017.

The new Indio jail will be able to house 1600 inmates at any given time.  There were be easier access for inmates inside the facility.  There will also be the instillation of video access, meaning that theoretically loved ones can visit their incarcerated loved ones from home, via webcam.  (As always, I advise everyone to not speak about their cases when speaking with friends and family as all calls currently are monitored.  There is no doubt that video chats will be monitored and recorded as well.  The advance in technology simply adds a new way for “big brother” to spy on the jailed people.)

The current visiting room does not allow any ADA access.  It has been promised that the new facility will allow ADA accessibility to both visitors and attorneys for the incarcerated inmates.

Click here for more information on the new facility.