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Indio Drug Court (IROC)

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Today I had the honor of attending the graduation ceremony for Indio Drug Court (IROC).  For those who don’t know, drug court (or IROC as it’s called in the court system) is a program for drug offenders which, upon successful completion, will get the person’s case completely dismissed from their record.

Indio drug court (IROC) is not an easy process.  First, your attorney has to convince a panel that you are eligible and a great candidate for the program.  That you truly want help.  You have a personal interview with probation which contributes to whether you will be accepted.  If you are accepted, you go into custody for a few days to a few weeks to get sober.  After that, the Indio Drug Court (IROC) is an 18 month program.  It starts with daily program with mandatory attendance and random drug testing.  You move to a place where they tell you to.  You make new friends and disassociate from old negative influences.  Your new friends become like family and an amazing support system that you didn’t realize you needed.

Upon successful completion of the Indio drug court (IROC), a judge gives you a certificate in a big ceremony and dismisses the case against you.

I was honored to support my client in her graduation celebration today!  I know how hard this woman fought her demons and struggled with her sobriety.  I know how bad she wanted it, and how long it took her to commit to it.  As of last Sunday she has 2 years of sobriety.  And as of today, she had her criminal charges dismissed!!  Today’s ceremony reminded me of how much I love what I do and I love helping people by giving them the tools they need to get back on track!