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Indio criminal defense attorneyIndio Criminal Defense Attorney Stephanie M. Arrache is conveniently located near the Indio Court.  She regularly handles cases in Indio court and is knowledgeable of the programs, alternative sentencing, judges and district attorneys in that court.  Contact the office today for a free consultation.

Indio is a city in the eastern part of Riverside county, and is south of Joshua Tree National Park.  The court is located at 46-200 Oasis St, Indio, CA 92201, on the corner of Oasis and Highway 111, next to the Riverside County fairgrounds in Indio.  The Indio courthouse is also known as the Larson Justice Center, and serves Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Indio, Coachella, Thousand Palms, Bermuda Dunes, Thermal, and all surrounding areas.  It is better to hire an Indio criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the Coachella Valley.

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Indio Courthouse- Larson Justice Center

The Larson Justice Center in Indio handles all criminal matters, infractions, misdemeanor and felony charges.  There is a free parking lot adjoining the Larson Justice Center, with 22 handicapped parking spots.  The Indio District Attorney’s office is located in a building across the street.  The Indio jail is located across Oasis St, as well, but will be undergoing major renovations.  Inmates currently housed there will be temporarily moved to other facilities.

The Law Office of Stephanie M. Arrache regularly handles Indio criminal defense cases of all types.  Indio criminal defense attorney Stephanie Arrache is on first name basis with many of the judges and deputy district attorneys.  This familiar nature allows for great results for her clients with criminal charges in Indio.  We also have a team of investigators who are ready to handle all matters in the area.

The court rooms in Indio are broken down by number and letter.  The number relates to the floor the court is on.  The letter designates the department.  Indio courtrooms 2E through 2K are all on the second floor.  Indio courtrooms 3M through 3T are all on the third floor, and are mostly all criminal courtrooms.  Indio criminal defense attorney Stephanie M. Arrache is regularly seen in these various rooms.  Indio handles hundreds of criminal cases daily.  Parking at the Indio Court is not always easy, so plan accordingly.  And you’re not always guaranteed to get out of court in Indio quickly. So plan accordingly there too.

There are many Spanish language interpreters on staff in the court to assist with Spanish language interpreters.  Other language interpreters are not regularly on schedule in the court, but can be ordered for a subsequent court hearing if needed.  The misdemeanor pre-trial court room in Indio is department 2K.  The misdemeanor arraignment court room in Indio is 3T.  At this time, the Hon. Dean Benjamini sits in the misdemeanor pre-trial court at the Larson justice center, where all misdemeanors are handled.  There are two calendaring (pre-trial) court rooms for felonies at the Larson Justice Center: 3N and 3R.  The drug court at the Larson Justice Center is a great option for people facing drug charges.  It is important to obtain an Indio criminal defense attorney who knows all of this important information.

Indio Criminal Defense Case

Handling a criminal case requires special attention.  Indio criminal defense attorney Stephanie M. Arrache knows just what it takes to help clients get the best outcome for their case.  There are great programs which can be made use of if handled correctly.  Many misdemeanor charges are open to diversion programs.  For example, underage drinking, petty theft and most misdemeanor drug charges are all good options for diversion.  The benefit of a diversion program for a criminal charge in Indio is that it will be dismissed from your record.  Knowledge of these individual and specialized programs is why it is important to hire a local criminal defense attorney.  Indio criminal defense attorney Stephanie Arrache is very familiar with this court and the various programs which can make your case run smoother.

Indio Criminal Defense- tribal lands

Many cases in Indio occur at tribal reservations or on tribal property.  Many people are arrested while on tribal land, usually in the casinos.  These cases require special understanding of tribal policies in order to conduct thorough investigations.  Stephanie Arrache is an Indio attorney who knows how to operate around their restrictions and policies.

Indio Criminal Defense- Court Rules

The Larson Justice Center in Indio is open to the public from 7:30a.m. to 4p.m.  The clerk’s office is available during this time.  The normal items are prohibited from the courthouse in Indio: weapons, alcohol, tools, and baggy clothing.  Do not try to take any of these items into the courthouse, or you will be arrested on spot.  The bailiffs in the court rooms will make you remove your hat, sunglasses and tuck in your shirt before entering the court room.

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Criminal Cases in Indio at the Larson Justice Center are generally from the surrounding areas, including: Cathedral City, Coachella, Desert Center, Desert Hot Springs, Indian Wells, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Salton City, Salton Sea, Thermal and Thousand Palms.