Have a Safe and Happy Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday that you either love or hate.  Many women are emotionally addicted to Valentine’s Day and require flowers, chocolates, jewelry, or something equally thoughtful from their significant other.  Many also require a nice dinner.  What often happens at a nice dinner?  A bottle of wine is ordered.  Drinks are had.  Diners enjoy delicious food and great company and lose track of the alcohol that they are drinking.  Then they head home.

Cops know this.  They look for drivers who are likely under the influence in the evening hours of Valentine’s Day.  They stay close to the local eateries known for their wine lists and drink menus.  They love making DUI arrests on this holiday.

Don’t let this happen to you.  Don’t ruin a memorable meal by getting arrested for having a couple glasses of wine.  If you and your Valentine’s Day date are inclined to have a few drinks, then give him or her the gift of a cab ride to and from dinner.  Or, stay at home and cook.  Don’t even go on the roads.  Or drink water instead of wine.  These are all great options to ensure that your Valentine’s Day celebration does not end with you in jail.