Gang Defense

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Throughout Southern California, the various prosecuting authorities tend to overcharge criminal defendants; specifically, if you have certain last names or live in certain areas, gang charges are likely to attach to your case.  The District Attorney attempts to charge as many people as they can with gang enhancements or with outright gang allegations.

Gang cases are handled completely different than regular cases.  To truly defend against the cases, the attorney must be familiar with the various gangs, culture and other information which makes these cases special.  For example, the attorney must know the different Sets within the larger gangs if that matters.  Or the attorney must know an actual gang versus a tagging crew.  These may seem like insignificant points, but they definitely are important when winning gang charges or beating the enhancement.

Stephanie M. Arrache has handled many gang cases and knows the nuances of the defense.  She has successfully kept gang enhancements and allegations from attaching to her client.  She has successfully separated gang charges from the underlying cases.  And she has gotten seasoned “gang cops” to admit that their processes are wrong.

The District Attorney’s Offices have gang prosecutors and gang cops.  You need a criminal defense attorney who knows how to handle gang cases!  You need defense attorney Stephanie M. Arrache to defend against your gang case!

Call today for a free consultation to learn why Stephanie M. Arrache is the criminal defense attorney best suited to handle your gang case and how she plans on being successful on your behalf!