Feds want to lower DUI level

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Currently in California the rate for DUI is .08.  That is the equivalent (roughly!) of 4 1/2 light beers in one hour if you weight 160 pounds.  I say roughly, because there are always varying factors to be considered.  Things like medications, food, sleep patterns, etc. all have an impact on your blood alcohol level.

The Federal government wants to lower the rate from .08 to .05.  This means that same 160 pound person would be legally drunk in 2-3 drinks.  Let’s say you weigh 100 pounds.  You’d be drunk in a little over 1 drink.

The theory behind this is saving lives.  The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) believes that there are too many deaths that arise from drunk drivers.  And their answer is to stomp on your rights and restrict how much you can drink even more.  If they’re truly concerned about drunk drivers, then they could come up with alternate ideas (i.e. free taxi vouchers, free rides home, free bus passes, etc.).  All this will do is lead to more DUI arrests.

There is scientific data that shows how alcohol impairs ones abilities.  The current rate of .08 is where the effects of alcohol are becoming noticeable.  This is worth mentioning because one must wonder how a cop would even begin to look for a driver under the lower rate.  Cops will look for people leaving bars, restaurants, clubs, sports arenas, or anywhere else that they think they’ll find a drunk driver.  No more bothering looking for swerving, or any other factors they claim.