Desert Hot Springs -DHS- Operation Nemesis

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Desert Hot Springs Operation Nemesis

Yesterday, 100 cops performed a sweep looking for crimes and parole violations.  This was Desert Hot Springs Operation Nemesis.  Cops from several agencies performed the joint task force operation.  The 100 cops arrested 17 people after searching 50 residences.  Most of the arrests were for new felony charges.  Kids and adults were arrested.  Only 3 guns were found.  A small amount of methamphetamine (meth) was found.  There were also gang injunctions handed out to several people.

As one news source says the police “visited” the homes during the Desert Hot Springs Operation Nemesis.  Anyone with any prior police contact knows, the “visits” are not always that pleasant.  Police bust into the homes and make arrests.

AB 109

The Desert Hot Springs Operation Nemesis sweep was justified by claiming some connection to AB109.  Non-violent, non-serious offenders are now able to be housed in local county jails, rather than shipped off to state prison.  Because of AB109, local jails are now overcrowded, and many people are released early on probation, parole, or other alternative-sentencing options.  However, the people released early are usually convicted of very low-level crimes.  Normally these are misdemeanors, or very low-level felonies. AB 109 is commonly called “realignment”. It was created to help the severe overcrowding in the state prisons. In November 2012, California voters voted to keep the funding to the counties to help fund realignment.

For more information on realignment in California, click here.

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