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Here is an update as to the number of arrests at Stagecoach 2012.  The final tally is: 174.  That is, 174 in 3 days at the country music festival.  The arrests were mostly for alcohol related offenses.  Indio police are currently investigating a claim by a 17-year old girl that she was sexually assaulted in a public porta-potty.  However, at this time, no arrests have been made relating to that alleged incident.

The breakdown of arrests is as follows:

Friday: 57 arrests

Saturday: 69 arrests

Sunday: 48 arrests

The arrests seemed to spike at night.  For example, as of 6pm on Saturday, there were a reported 16 arrests.  This means there were 53 arrests at night.  There are several reasons: people drank all day and became rowdy and uncontrollable at night; people drove home after drinking at the concert; people went out to party after drinking at the concert.

While there were more arrests than any single weekend at Coachella Fest, there were not nearly as many drug related arrests.  The Indio police did not have as many sting operations that were successful at Stagecoach.  However, alcohol related arrests are serious matters which should not be taken lightly.  The Indio District Attorney’s office will be prosecuting these offenses just as vigorously as they will any other case. If you are charged with a misdemeanor offense, you will not need to step foot in a courtroom.  You can hire an attorney you trust and believe in, and have them go to court on your behalf.

For an article on the arrests, click here.


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