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Cops lie.  Shocking, I know.  But it’s true.  Cops lie.  Attorneys lie.  Sometimes even clients lie.  Not me and not you, but some others.  Here’s a lie that a was recently told to a client that particularly made me mad:

My client is being charged with a domestic violence related crime.  She didn’t do anything.  She told me this and I 100% believe her.  She tried to explain this to the cops (something I do not approve of- DO NOT talk to cops, even when proclaiming innocence!).  The cop straight told her that she was lying.  She told him that the boyfriend was practically stalking her- calling her from blocked numbers, harassing and threatening her, etc.  In fact, it’s so bad that we will file a restraining order against her.  She told the cop all of this, and he told her that there’s no way to prove that the private numbers were from the boyfriend.  Wrong!  We can subpoena phone records.  She told the cop I said this and he said I was lying to her.  The nerve!  She called her phone carrier and they independently confirmed EXACTLY what I told her- you can get phone records which contain the private and restricted numbers.  It’s a simple subpoena process.

The end result is that this cop showed my client that she can completely trust what I say, and showed her that I have her back 100%.

Cops are trained to get information out of people.  He was probably trying to bait her to get her to make incriminating statements.  This is precisely why I tell clients to not say a word to cops!  Do not try to proclaim your innocence.  For the most part, cops do not care.  They already have their minds made up. The only thing you should say is: I want my attorney.  Repeat that, and only that, like a mantra.

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