Criminal Defense: Facebook is not as private as you think, or want!

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I have always told my clients to be careful about what they put on facebook.  People think that what they post is private, especially if they’re page has been restricted to friends only.  However, everything you put on the web can be accessed by facebook officials themselves.  This means that if the cops or District Attorney want your records, they can subpoena them.  And now it has been confirmed that Facebook officials will release every. single. thing. from your page.  Every picture, every status update, every email.

How this can harm your case.  Remember that one time you thought it was funny to post a picture of you with a gun (whether fake or not)?  Well, now it can be used as evidence.  Remember that one time you thought you were being cool by posting a picture of you throwing gang signs?  Well, now the DA has evidence to strengthen their gang enhancement charges.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen photos of people with known gang members be used against them.  They could have been innocent, but that one photo was so damaging.  Or, that one status was so damaging and incriminating.  Even if you later delete things, they’re still attainable by the cops and DA.

The point is: be careful of what you put on the internet, because it can and will be used against you!

See official Facebook records here.

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