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DUI Checkpoint sample results

People know that checkpoints are something to be avoided.  Even if you’re sober, it’s intimidating to drive through one.  Nerves can make you act strangely.  But, does anyone ever really pay attention to what kinds of arrests, detentions, investigations, etc. occur at checkpoints?  Riverside county releases statistics from every checkpoint after they occur.  Here are the statistics for a recent DUI checkpoint in Moreno Valley.  The checkpoint was on 4/6/12 from 8:30pm to 2:30am.  The DUI checkpoint was listed at an undisclosed location within city limits.

The following is an excerpt from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s press release regarding the results of the checkpoint:

Operation Results:

  • 2441 Vehicles passed through the checkpoint
  • 9 DUI arrests (7 Alcohol, 2 Drugs)
  • 18 Field sobriety tests for DUI of alcohol
  • 2 Field sobriety tests for DUI of drugs
  • 14 Citations were issued for unlicensed drivers
  • 7 Citations were issued for suspended driver’s license
  • 17 Vehicles towed
  • 14 Citations were issued for various vehicle code violations
  • 1 Arrest for felony warrant
  • 1 Arrest for misdemeanor warrant

As you can see, not only were there 9 DUI arrests, but there were also many tickets for vehicle code violations and 2 arrests on warrants.  17 vehicles were towed.  While there were 20 field sobriety tests for DUI, only 9 people were arrested.  The police cast a wide net during these DUI checkpoints.  Even people who were not driving under the influence were ticketed, arrested or had their vehicles towed.  This means that people need to be careful at DUI checkpoints, regardless of whether they are actually driving under the influence or not.


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