Criminal Defense: Coachella Fest 2012 Arrest Update

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As of 10pm on Saturday night, 39 people had been arrested for drug or alcohol related offenses.  That arrest rate is up from the night before.  Concert goers and locals in the area are reporting a heavier police presence.  This means that people who are at the concert to have fun need to be on guard for police officers.  Don’t let an arrest ruin your fun weekend!

If you are one of the unlucky who get arrested, you need an attorney who understands the specifics of the concert and can represent you effectively!  Don’t get stuck with someone who doesn’t understand and can’t relate to you!

Stephanie Arrache is a local Palm Springs attorney who can help!


**** UPDATE 4/16/12: With the close of the first weekend of Coachella Fest, the final numbers are in.  There were ONE HUNDRED (100) arrests over the 3 days of the music and art festival.  Police officers definitely made their presence felt.  This serves as a warning to concert goers for the festival’s second weekend.  Especially with the concert falling on 4/20.  Police will be out en masse, so please be aware next weekend!

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