Criminal Defense: Coachella Fest 2011

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Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival brings music, art, fun and entertainment to the Coachella Valley every year.  Dating back to 1999, the festival boasts Ticketmaster free musical entertainment.

The problem is that cops know the music lovers are there to have fun, and therefore crack down on law enforcement.  In 2011, there were 49 arrests over the three day period.  20 were Friday, 16 Saturday and 13 Sunday.  33 of these were for drug or alcohol related offenses.  The Indio police department ups the number of cops on the streets conducting DUI saturation patrols.  There were over 200 people turned away for trespassing.  The police seemed to show leniency there, as those people could have been arrested as well.

In addition to the arrests of concert-goers, there were incidental arrests as well.  For example, two men were robbed of their wrist bands at knife point on Friday night during the festival in Palm Springs.  This means that those who are in the Valley for the festival need to be aware of threats to their safety by people who want to go to the concert but couldn’t get tickets.

This year there are two weekends of the festival, which means more opportunity for the police to make arrests during Coachella fest.  Please be on your toes and ensure you have a fun, safe and arrest-free time at Coachella fest.


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