Criminal Defense: Arrests at Coachella Update

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There is an update on the arrests at Coachella the first weekend (4/13-4/15).  There were a reported 134 arrests by the end of the weekend.  The second weekend (4/20-4/22) there were 101 arrests.  Most of these arrests were for drug or alcohol related offenses.  According to many  concert goers, the police presence was highly felt.  Police were on foot, in cars and even on horseback!  They were on the surrounding streets, inside the concert grounds and walking through the camping areas.  To see a comparison of arrests this year to arrests from years past, click here.

What many concert attendees do not know, however, is that there was a strong UNDERCOVER police presence as well.  Cops went undercover in the concert area and the camping area in order to make drug and alcohol busts.  Many of the arrests were by undercover officers who pretended to be concert goers who wanted to buy drugs.

I spoke with the DA, Paul Zellerbach, who stated that his office was busy processing and filing cases from Coachella.  If you are one of the lucky few who got tickets and are planning on attending this weekend, be careful and aware.

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