Criminal Defense: Confidential Conversation with an Attorney

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Q: Are the conversations between my attorney and myself confidential?
A: Any communication between an attorney and a client are protected under California laws.  There are certain laws and rules which protect this right.  To effectively represent a person accused of crimes, the attorney must be able to openly talk to his or her client about the circumstances which held to the accusation.  If a client feels that opening up and being truthful can later come back to harm them further, they will be less willing to be truthful.  A client can trust that the attorney will not share anything told them with anyone else.
Exception to confidential conversations with an attorney: 
A client may sign a written confidentiality waiver which allows the attorney to speak about the facts of the case with certain people (i.e. family members, other attorneys, etc.).  This waiver can be a general waiver where the lawyer is free to discuss anything with the named individuals approved by the client.  In this case, the attorney can discuss any information regarding the case, such as the discovery provided by the Prosecution, or even conversations had between the attorney and client.  The waiver can be a limited waiver where the client states the only information which can be released to certain individuals.  For example, the client does not mind the discovery being released to the family but wants the conversations with the attorney to remain confidential, that will be indicated in the waiver.
How the Law Office of Stephanie Arrache handles confidential conversations with an attorney:
The Law Office of Stephanie Arrache takes client-attorney confidentiality extremely seriously and handles it with the utmost care.  Before one of the attorneys speaks with any person other than the client, a confidentiality waiver will be signed.  The attorney will personally discuss with the client what information may be disclosed, and if there is anything that they want withheld.  We understand that sometimes cases involve information which should be handled delicately with family members, or withheld completely.  We respect your right to privacy and will not let that affect our ability to effectively represent you.
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