Coachella cases filed late by Indio DA

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Were you arrested at Coachella in 2013 and had a court date that came and went?  Are you thinking you’re off the hook because your case wasn’t filed?  While there is always a chance that your case may fall between the cracks and not be filed, the chance is slim to none.  Your case is likely getting filed, it just takes some time.

While the passage of time may not seem important to you, you exonerated bail bond may be.  If you were arrested for a felony, you likely had to post a bond for your release.  And when you posted that bond, you promised you’d go to court.  If the DA doesn’t file, then you have no court date.  The bond can then dissolve.  This means that when your case is filed, you will go to court and the judge can set bail all over again.  This could catch you off guard and you could be taken into custody.  A good and experienced attorney can help you prepare for this before stepping foot in a court room.

The Indio DA has taken it’s time with the filing of these cases.  New cases from the April event are getting filed every day.  Sometimes they get filed and the court date is the very next day.  It is important to remain on top of the game by hiring an attorney who can subtly check on the cases without alerting the DA to your unfiled case.

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