Coachella and StageCoach arrests

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If you were arrested at StageCoach or Coachella in 2013, you may be experiencing a common problem: your case isn’t getting filed on time.  You may have wasted your time showing up at court to discover that no case has been filed.  Do not let this get you into thinking that your case won’t be filed.  The police arrested so many people that the DA’s office is behind in filing the cases.  You need to be consistent in checking in on your case.  Do not wait to receive notification that you have a bench warrant.  There are ways of checking on your case that do not involve alerting the DA to the fact that your case hasn’t been filed.  Sometimes (it is rare, but it does happen) cases fall through the cracks and before you know it, the Statute of Limitations has passed.  You do not want to hand them your case on a silver platter.  But, you do want to protect your interests or the interests of your loved ones.


You also do not want to wait to hire an attorney.  It is always best to have an attorney waiting to take care of your case prior to the actual court date scheduled as our calendars do tend to fill up months in advance.


Contact the Law Office of Stephanie M. Arrache to find out how to best protect yourself in this particular circumstance of late filing of your case.