Coachella 2015 Weekend 2 Arrests

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The arrests were up during Coachella 2015 weekend 2.  During Coachella 2015, weekend 1, only 93 arrests were made.  However, during Coachella 2015 weekend 2, there were 133 people arrested.  That means 40 more people were arrested during weekend 2 than weekend 1 at Coachella 2015.

Arrest records from Coachella 2015 weekend 2:

  • 20 arrests were made for drunk in public
  • 53 arrests were related to illegal narcotics
  • 51 of those arrest were for misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance
  • 2 of those arrests were felony arrests for possession of a controlled substance for sales and booked into jail
  • 57 arrests were made for alcohol violations
  • 1 misdemeanor domestic violence arrest was made
  • 1 resisting/obstructing an officer arrest was made
  • 1 warrant arrest was made

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