Coachella 2015 Weekend 1 Arrests

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The Riverside County Sheriff released the Coachella 2015 weekend 1 arrest statistics report.  Coachella weekend 1 saw a record low number of arrests with only 93 people being arrested.

Another interesting fact was the split of the arrests at Coachella 2015 weekend 1:

  • 13 arrests were made for drunk in public
  • 56 arrests were related to illegal narcotics
  • 49 of those arrest were for misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance
  • 7 of those arrests were felony arrests for possession of a controlled substance for sales
  • 20 arrests were made for alcohol violations
  • 2 domestic violence arrests were made
  • 1 resisting/obstructing an officer arrest was made
  • 1 trespassing arrest was made

This is a good sign that law enforcement and festival goers are beginning to come to terms and learn how to coexist.  That being said, they are still looking for crimes and are still looking to make arrests.  Please be careful if you are attending Coachella 2015 and do not bring any unwarranted attention to yourself.  You do not want to find yourself in court fighting to protect your future.

If you or a loved one were arrested at Coachella 2015 weekend 1, call Stephanie M. Arrache for a free consultation!  I have worked long and hard to establish a great relationship with the local DA’s and judges and can definitely fight to save your future!