Coachella 2013 Weekend 1

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Arrests were down this year at Coachella Music and Arts festival in Indio.  Over the three day period, there were less than 100 arrests.  Festival goers were being more aware and cautious.  The down turn in arrests was not due to lack of trying on the part of law enforcement.

A majority of the arrests at Coachella 2013 were for drug or alcohol related offenses.  Many of these were public intoxication, fake ID or other misdemeanor charges.  Arrests at Coachella for alcohol and drug related crimes are very manageable.  Misdemeanor arrests do not require you to step foot in a courtroom.  Many of them are negotiable to a diversion program, which result in a dismissal.  Stephanie Arrache is an Indio defense attorney who has handled many of these Coachella misdemeanors that ended in a dismissal.  She understands her clients, what they are going through and that they do not need their futures compromised over a minor offense.  She has successfully handled many Coachella cases in ways that saved her client’s futures!  Call today for a free consultation to find out how a drug or alcohol related arrest does not mean your future needs to be harmed.