Click It or Ticket

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There is a national campaign put forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) called “Click It or Ticket”.  Between May 20 and June 2, local law enforcement will be on the look out for drivers not wearing their seat belts.  They are trained to look for what they commonly refer to as the “fake out”, which refers to people not correctly wearing their seat belt, or trying to put it on subtly after being pulled over.

The problem which people experience is not necessarily the seat belt ticket itself.  That is a fine, traffic school or other such program.  The larger problem is the possibility of the infraction turning into an arrest for a more serious crime.  Cops are trained to look for vehicle code violations which give them the reason to pull you over.  Once you’re pulled over, they can then investigate for suspended licenses, driving under the influence (DUI), warrants, or any other possible crime.  Most DUI charges begin with simple traffic infractions, such as not wearing a seat belt.

While many people dislike wearing seat belts for comfort reasons, they are proven to save lives.  And not wearing one at all, or wearing it incorrectly just asks for a problem with law enforcement.  Do yourself a favor, save the aggravation and wear your seat belts.