Stagecoach Arrests

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Stagecoach arrests were up in 2014, as police arrested 177 people over the three days.  2013 saw 22 less Stagecoach arrests.  A majority of the Stagecoach arrests were for alcohol related offenses.  And of those alcohol related Stagecoach arrests, a majority were minors in possession of alcohol or fake IDs. When a minor is arrested […]

Fake ID at Coachella Fest or Stagecoach

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Coachella Fest and StageCoach Music Festival are two highlight events in the Coachella Valley.  Both events are weekend long music festivals which present many different musical artists to thousands of concertgoers.  Coachella Fest was expanded this year into two weekend events with identical lineups.  The two events brings in thousands of music loving people of […]

Criminal defense: Stagecoach Festival 2012 legal survival guide

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LEGAL GUIDE TO SURVIVING STAGECOACH 2012 Stagecoach Festival is country music’s answer to Coachella Fest.  Stagecoach follows Coachella Fest every year, and brings in just as many fun-loving, music-appreciating, rowdy fans as its rival Coachella Fest.  The cowboys and cowgirls who attend prove that they are just as rowdy and thrill-seeking as their rock music […]