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Indio Drug Court (IROC)

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Today I had the honor of attending the graduation ceremony for Indio Drug Court (IROC).  For those who don’t know, drug court (or IROC as it’s called in the court system) is a program for drug offenders which, upon successful completion, will get the person’s case completely dismissed from their record. Indio drug court (IROC) […]

Portable Drug Test

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LAPD Portable Drug Test Use The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is launching a new program to crack down on driving under the influence of drugs through a portable drug test.  With this new portable drug test, drivers who are stopped at DUI checkpoints will be asked to voluntarily consent to a swab of their […]

Click It or Ticket

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There is a national campaign put forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) called “Click It or Ticket”.  Between May 20 and June 2, local law enforcement will be on the look out for drivers not wearing their seat belts.  They are trained to look for what they commonly refer to as the […]

California AB 472

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AB472 California State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D- San Francisco) introduced a bill on February 15, 2011 regarding drug overdose.  As it currently stands in California, a high rate of drug overdose deaths occur because people are afraid of police and medical involvement.  The rationale is that calling an ambulance or taking a friend to a […]

Criminal Defense: Marijuana Arrest Records

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Criminal Defense: Marijuana Arrest Records Marijuana Arrests California is becoming more lenient in their rules against possession of marijuana.  When a person is caught with less than one ounce (28.5 grams), they are charged with an infraction.  The penalty for this is only $100 and no jail time.  Possession of more than one ounce carries […]

Criminal Defense: HS 11550

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Health and Safety Code 11550 What is HS 11550 Health and Safety code section 11550 is a statute regulating personal drug use.  It covers the willful and intentional use of certain drugs described in this article, Substances covered under HS 11550 The substances covered under HS 11550 include both legal and illegal substances. Opiates. Opium […]

Criminal Defense: Manufacturing Methamphetamine resulting in great bodily injury or death of another

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Manufacturing methamphetamine that results in great bodily injury to or death of another   Manufacturing methamphetamine Charges A charge of manufacturing methamphetamine carries a very hefty punishment.  The term of imprisonment if 3, 5 or 7 years, and a fine of up to $50,000.  The courts tend to treat this charge more harshly than other […]