Criminal Defense: Can I be placed under arrest for a vehicle code violation?

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Q: Can I be arrested for a Vehicle Code violation?

If you are pulled over by an officer for a violation of the California state Vehicle Code, an infraction is likely to be issued. An infraction is a ticket which means you must pay a fine. It does not include jail time or community service penalties. These are generally issued for “normal” Vehicle Code violations, such as speeding, improper turn, etc.

When a Vehicle Code violation becomes more serious and leads to arrest.

A Vehicle Code violation can become more serious and lead to arrest. It does not always result in an infraction, but could lead to a misdemeanor or felony. A criminal charge of driving under the influence (DUI) is a Vehicle Code violation which could result in a misdemeanor. If you get into an accident and harm someone, that could even turn into a felony. Officers use Vehicle Code violations to pull someone over, and gives them the probable cause for investigating a DUI violation. If the officer believes you have been driving while intoxicated, he or she can place you under arrest and take you into custody.

Other Vehicle Code Violations which can lead to arrest

An officer may place you under arrest if, after stopping you for a Vehicle Code violation, it turns out that you have no license. He or she may also place you under arrest if you refuse to sign the citation. A citation is a written promise to appear, and by signing it, you are promising that you will appear at the designated court on the designated day. If you refuse to sign this, the officer may take you into custody. If you have been charged with a Vehicle Code violation as a misdemeanor, and were arrested, it is important that you consult an attorney right away.

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