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Blythe is a desert community located near the Arizona border and lies along the Colorado River.  Blythe is an agricultural town of approximately 21,000 people and is located within Riverside County.

Blythe has a small courthouse located at 265 N. Broadway, Blythe, CA 92225.  The courthouse has 2 courtrooms and serves criminal, traffic, civil, family and evictions.

There are very few criminal defense attorneys who practice regularly in Blythe, California.  Very few criminal defense attorneys want to take the time out of their schedules to actually drive out into the desert for court on behalf of their clients.  Those who do charge exponentially more for their time and efforts.  Blythe criminal defense attorney Stephanie M. Arrache both handles cases regularly in Blythe, but she also does so at reasonable and competitive fees.

Arrested in Blythe?  Criminal Cases

If you were charged with a misdemeanor offense, you do not need to be present in court. This is a great convenience for both locals and people passing through the area. Stephanie M. Arrache is dependable and reliable, and will defend your case in Blythe. She receives great results on cases in all of the courts in Southern California.

Misdemeanor cases are handled in Blythe until they are pled out.  If a misdemeanor case goes to trial, the case is transferred to the Indio courthouse for the trial.  Felony cases are held in Blythe until the preliminary hearing setting or unless they are pled out prior.  After the preliminary hearing, the cases are transferred to Indio for the duration of the case.

No matter if you were charged with a misdemeanor or felony in Blythe, you are entitled to a good defense.  Blythe criminal defense attorney Stephanie Arrache understands this!  We have a team of investigators who are experienced in handling cases in Blythe. We also have bail agents that we work with who will bail a person out of the jail on Blythe. We are a full-time criminal defense firm, and therefore are experienced at handling all aspects of criminal cases.

Arrested in Blythe?  Local Attorney CAN help!


Blythe criminal defense attorney Stephanie M. Arrache offers free consultations, via phone or Skype if necessary. Many people are not local and therefore cannot make it to the office. We understand and embrace this, and are committed to making the criminal defense process as painless as possible. You have enough to worry about after a criminal arrest and charges have been filed, no matter whether the charges are for an infraction, misdemeanor or felony. You need an attorney you can depend on to take some of the pressure off your shoulders.  You need Blythe criminal defense attorney Stephanie Arrache!

If you or a loved one have been arrested in Blythe and are facing charges in Blythe Superior Court, you need to make sure that the attorney you hire will personally handle your case. Many Southern California based criminal defense attorneys who take cases in Blythe Superior Court for clients who were arrested out there do not personally handle your case. They do not like to take the time out of their schedules to make the long drive out to the desert. Instead, they hire other attorneys to simply appear on their behalf, giving your Blythe criminal case no attention. Stephanie M. Arrache is a criminal defense attorney who cares about her clients and always personally appears to defend their case. If you were arrested in Blythe and now face criminal charges in the Superior Court, you need criminal defense attorney Stephanie M. Arrache!

Arrested in Blythe? Prison Cases

Many cases in Blythe occur at the two local California State Prisons: Ironwood and Chuckawalla.  Many people are arrested while either being housed in the prison or visiting their loved ones.  Many prison cases are assault or drug related crimes.  These prison cases require special understanding of prison policies (found in Title 15) in order to conduct thorough investigations.  Blythe Criminal Defense Attorney Stephanie Arrache knows how to operate around their restrictions and policies and successfully defend criminal charges originating out of the local prisons.

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