Banning Criminal Defense Attorney

Banning Criminal Defense Attorney

As a Banning criminal defense attorney, Stephanie M. Arrache is well-known around the courthouse.  Cases from Beaumont, Banning, Cabazon, Hemet and Whitewater are held in Banning, California.  Criminal defense attorney Stephanie M. Arrache is local to Banning court which gives her an exact knowledge of the DA’s and the local court policies.

Banning Criminal Defense Attorney

Banning court falls within the jurisdiction of Riverside County.  If you or a loved one have been charged with a criminal case, you need a local attorney to handle your matter.  Stephanie M. Arrache is a local Banning criminal defense attorney who has handled countless cases throughout Riverside County, specifically at Banning court.  She is known by deputy DA’s throughout the county as an aggressive and passionate attorney who fights rigorously for her clients.  As a local Banning criminal defense attorney, Stephanie M. Arrache has won jury trials, obtained dismissals and successfully negotiated beneficial plea agreements on behalf of her clients.

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New Banning Courthouse

The new Banning Courthouse, located at 311 East Ramsey Street, opened on May 4, 2015.  There will be 6 active courtrooms, which helped to alleviate some congestion in other Riverside county courts, specifically Indio and Southwest (Murrieta).  The new Banning courthouse has other county offices, such as court clerk, court security operations, a holding area and facility support.  The courthouse, which had a building budget of over 63 million dollars, provides a new home to criminal cases.

The new Banning Courthouse is located on a five (5) acre site between Martin and East Williams Street.  There is free parking at the new Banning courthouse.

The Old Banning Courthouse

Banning criminal defense attorney Old Banning Courthouse
Old Banning Courthouse

The old Banning Courthouse was constructed in 1951.  The second story to the Banning courthouse was added in 1973.  There were 2 courtrooms and a hearing room in the basement.  The second floor houses the DA and the Public Defender’s small offices.

There is free parking across the street from the Banning Courthouse, next to the United States Post Office.  The Banning Courthouse also shares a facility with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.


Banning Criminal Defense Team

Your criminal matter requires a Banning criminal defense team.  With a local team which includes investigators, experts and bail agents, local Banning attorney Stephanie M. Arrache is ready to begin fighting on your behalf.  We prepare every case as if we’re going to trial, which puts us in a much better position for dismissal or successful negotiated pleas.  Our client’s best interests are always first and foremost when preparing cases.  Criminal defense attorney Stephanie M. Arrache is always reachable by her clients.  Her clients are able to reach her 24 hours a day, because questions are not limited to business hours.  Clients are normally concerned, worried and scared.  Sometimes they need someone to talk to.  Stephanie M. Arrache provides that comfort through her compassion and her extensive knowledge.

Banning Criminal Defense Traffic Tickets

Banning criminal defense attorney Stephanie M. Arrache handles traffic ticket defense.  Because of it’s close proximity to a large stretch of the 10 freeway, Banning court sees a high volume of traffic violations by both commercial and noncommercial drivers.  These tickets can be dismissed.  Fines can be lowered.  Trials can be won.  This all requires a knowledgeable local attorney who can fight on your behalf.

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