Avalon Superior Court | Catalina Island, California

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For months there has been speculation that the Avalon Superior Court on Catalina Island will be closing due to budget cuts in California.  There are several courts slated to close because the state of California apparently has no money.  Pomona North (the little courthouse directly next door to the much larger Pomona South courthouse) is scheduled to close.  San Pedro will be closing it’s two courts.  Beverly Hills is scheduled to close, though there is speculation that will not happen either.  The hope is that this will save the state a ton of money.

However, the problem with closing Avalon court is that it handles mostly low level criminal cases- many of them are alcohol related.  Closing the Avalon court will force the residents of Catalina to buy a ticket and take the one hour trip over to the mainland.  This is an inconvenience and a burden.

The Avalon court on Catalina Island is a great one room courthouse reminiscent of a small town court.  It’s the only court like it in Los Angeles County.  The clerk is friendly and knows everyone.  The judge is fair.  The normal DA is fair.  It’s the type of court where a good defense attorney can get some great results.  I have had so many cases successfully resolved in this court.  I can safely say that I am one of the few attorneys who will take the time to go to Catalina Island for Avalon court, and not charge the clients a significant increase in cost.

For misdemeanor charges, I can appear on your behalf.  This saves you the time, money and effort of having to go across the channel to Avalon court.  For felony charges, the judge will often excuse your presence and allow me to appear on your behalf after the initial arraignment.  Cases handled properly can have great results in this court.

If you or a loved one were arrested on Catalina island and have to appear in Avalon court, then call me today for a free consultation.  You will definitely be glad you did!