Arrested on Vacation

People Arrested on VacationWelcome to Palm Springs

Palm Springs and the surrounding areas are a haven for tourists.  Each year people come here to enjoy the warm weather.  Whether it’s for a weekend getaway or several months, people flock to our area for the sun.  Unfortunately, sometimes trouble happens and people get arrested on vacation.  All too often, someone lets their guard down and then has to deal with the local authorities.  And often, those who are arrested feel lost, embarrassed and do not know where to turn. Stephanie M. Arrache has extensive experience representing people who were arrested on vacation.

Were you arrested on vacation?

If you are arrested on vacation for a misdemeanor, you do not need to be present in court (with limited exceptions) if you have an attorney.  Stephanie M. Arrache routinely appears in court on client’s behalf saving them the trouble, expense and embarrassment of having to go themselves.

If you are arrested on vacation for a felony, there are ways of having your attorney appear without you needing to be there.  Experienced local attorney Stephanie M. Arrache can help you figure out what works best for your case.

Out of State Representation for People Arrested on Vacation

You do not need to be a resident of the Coachella Valley, California or even the United States to be arrested here. The local law enforcement will not care where you are from in deciding whether to arrest you or not. You could get arrested on vacation if the local cops think that you are committing a crime. Many times, Stephanie M. Arrache can handle the case without your presence being required in court. If you were arrested on vacation, you need an experience attorney you can trust.

Additional Considerations for People Arrested on Vacation

In addition to the pending criminal matter, a person who is arrested on vacation must consider outlying issues: consequences in their own state, immigration issues, entry in and out of the United States on future visits, etc.  You need an experienced attorney who routinely handles these types of cases to protect your freedom!




*Contact a local attorney immediately

*Write down an account of what happened

*Do not ignore the problem


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If you were arrested on vacation, you need to contact the Law Office of Stephanie M. Arrache today.  We offer free consultations via phone, email or Skype.  When you live out-of-town, you need confidence that you have the best person fighting for you.  You need to trust that they have your best interest at heart.  You need Stephanie M. Arrache!