Arrested for DUI: Huge DUI WIN!

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I constantly receive calls from people who were arrested for DUI and seem like fighting it is a lost cause.  I always try to reassure them that DUI charges are very fightable and winnable.  A person who was arrested for DUI does not need to simply plead guilty.  Rather, hiring a good attorney can make all the difference.

Case in point: I had a 20 year old kid come to me after being arrested for DUI.  He was scared and frustrated because he was convinced he had done nothing wrong.  I sat down with him and listened to a very detailed of what occurred.  The officer had approached him while he was sleeping in his car.  The engine was on, so he felt like all hope was lost.  He also admitted to driving earlier in the night.  He did the field sobriety tests (FSTs) which he didn’t have to, but voluntarily agreed to, and was found to have a high blood alcohol concentrate (BAC).  He was then arrested for DUI.

While he was upset about the facts that led to him being arrested for DUI, here’s what I heard: 1) he didn’t drive in the officer’s presence; 2) he didn’t drive in anyone’s presence; 3) the DA wouldn’t be able to prove that he drove while under the influence.

I sought discovery, filed motions, and finally was able to prove to a judge during a hearing on a Motion to Suppress that my client should not have been arrested for DUI.  The judge agreed with me and the case was dismissed.  I was able to relay the good news to my client that he was wrongfully arrested for DUI and that he no longer had to worry about this case!

If you or a loved one were arrested for DUI, do not despair; there is hope!  Contact my office for a free consultation!