Arrested at Desert Trip

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This year there were 77 people arrested at Desert Trip during both weekends. During the first weekend, twenty-eight people were arrested at Desert Trip, with five of those being for public intoxication and one possession of a controlled substance. Twenty-two people were arrested at Desert Trip during the first weekend (cited with a misdemeanor) for alcohol-related crimes.  During weekend 2, thirty-nine people were arrested for alcohol related crimes, six for public intoxication, two for possession of drugs, one for simple battery and one for for grand theft.

While being arrested at Desert Trip may not seem like the biggest worry because it occurred at a music festival, the charges faced are still misdemeanors, most of which carry the potential of jail time and heavy fines. Any misdemeanor on your record has the chance to put a damaging blemish on your record, even if you were only arrested at Desert Trip.