4th of July DUI arrests

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The 4th of July DUI arrests report in Riverside County is in: 159 arrests were made by various city and county law enforcement agencies.  And not all cities have submitted their numbers, meaning the count could go higher.

The 4th of July DUI arrests covered a period from Thursday, July 3 to Sunday, July 6.  There were 2 DUI checkpoints and 13 saturation patrols which led to some 4th of July DUI arrests.

159 4th of July DUI arrests means that the police were on the prowl looking for intoxicated drivers.  This does not mean that you were actually guilty of driving under the influence.  To be guilty of this crime, the DA must prove that you were driving with a blood alcohol level of .08% or more, and that your driving was impacted by the alcohol.  If you were arrested for DUI with drugs in your system, the DA has to prove that your driving was impacted by the drugs.  There is no clear cut intoxication level when it comes to drugs as with alcohol.

There are always defenses to DUI arrests.  You do not need to go to court and plead guilty.  It is always worthwhile to speak with an attorney who knows what they are doing and can fight for your rights.

And don’t forget you only have 10 calendar days to call the DMV to schedule your hearing to save your license!

If you or a loved one were one of the 4th of July DUI arrests, call the Law Office of Stephanie M. Arrache for a free consultation!