4th of July 2013 DUI safety information

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California law enforcement is ramping up it’s drunk driving enforcement over the 4th of July weekend.  Starting today and going through Sunday, police will be out in large numbers looking to make arrests.  Police officers are trained to look for relatively minor vehicle code violations (such as texting, not wearing a seat belt, etc.) to pull you over to see if you are DUI.  All if takes is reasonable suspicion for an officer to pull you over and conduct a DUI investigation.  Don’t ruin your fun weekend by going to jail for a DUI.  Riverside county is sending out cops in large numbers this weekend and employing a number of sobriety checkpoint.  Last year they made 60 DUI arrests over the 4th of July holiday.    Los Angeles is conducting a series of DUI checkpoints, which can be seen herejuly4beer-.

The consequences of a DUI can range from standard annoyance (losing your license, fines, classes) to major consequences (murder, vehicular manslaughter).  The risk is not worth it.  Take a cab or have a designated driver.  Or look for local programs like the ones listed below.

Please take advantage of programs out there designed to get you and your friends home safely:

Tipsy Tow

Walter Clark and Yellow Cab 4th of July Free Ride Program